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“I think what Umculo is doing is one of the most important things in the world. That is, to bring art, to bring music, to bring opera to the children, and to the young community.

“Why music is important? Because it can be utopic. It is real. And it’s beauty. The pragmatic way of working that we have in the world is dangerous for the future of our children, because we are losing our sense of joy in life. And when you are playing music, you are in a moment that is not time any more. It’s beauty.

“I think also that the power of music can change the world. I believe that. And music, especially in Umculo´s work, where the young people use their own bodies, and create their own sound, and they share that with so many people, has a beautiful message. Of union, of peace, of love, of beauty. So I hope everybody supports Umculo, and I send all my love and my best wishes so that Umculo can keep working and keep building and continue to bringing beauty to the people.”

Gustavo Dudamel

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